ROS isn't suitable as a server OS, it lacks a healthy network stack, we aren't sure if VNC works and it definitely isn't suitable for this kind of usage. It's in ALPHA stage, is very buggy, incomplete, and NOT SUITABLE for this kind of mainstream usage.
Try Ubuntu instead.
On 14 May 2010 08:02, Enrico Weigelt <> wrote:
Hi folks,

does ROS run under lguest ?

I'm currently building an lguest-based VM (mass-)hosting service,
and it would be a cool thing if ROS (as win32 alternative) could
be easily run there.

My business model includes free VMs on spare resources, which
can be quickly deployed (within a minute), for testing and fun.
I'd like to provide ROS as one of the preinstalled images, so
it will get a bit more audience :)

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